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Pool & Spa Services

Certified Pool Operator (CPO)

As a Certified Pool Operator, Cabrera will maintain your pool and spa with the services like daily backwashing, water chemistry, state testing and logging, cleaning, troubleshooting, opening and closing pool gates, meeting with inspectors, and more. Our pool and spa service is available for residential vacation homes and community association facilities.

Pool and Spa

Condominium Associations / HOA's and Residential / Shore Homes:

  • Provide Certified Pool and Spa (CPO) Certification
  • Open Pool for season (Association chooses the plan from our options list)
  • Close & winterize pool at the end of the season. (Association chooses the plan from our options list)
  • Perform daily opening and closing of pool gates
  • Vacuum pool daily as needed
  • Straighten pool area furniture and pool area for cleanliness and put down all umbrellas
  • Daily testing as required by State to maintain proper chlorine and Ph levels. Adding chemicals as necessary.
  • Chemicals and all necessary supplies will be paid for by the Association.
  • Contract an independent laboratory to conduct required water test at the Associations expense and review results.
  • Review condition of pool areas and equipment and make recommendations
  • Daily inspections /cleanup of pool bathrooms and pool area for general cleanliness (supplies provided by the Association)
  • Trash removal from pool area to Associations receptacle.
  • Provide contact information and make available such personnel as necessary to respond to state and local inspections.
  • Weekly scrubbing of tiles around the pool
  • Provide pool log book

Pool and Spa Opening and Closing Options

Standard Pool Opening

  • Uncover pool
  • roll and move to storage area
  • reassemble pump, motor, filter, and heater
  • unplug skimmers and return lines
  • pump old water from pool (as needed)
  • refill pool, start up system
  • add chemicals to balance pool water
  • set out pool furniture
  • reinstall all pool signs
  • start-up equipment
  • inventory and order all signage or equipment if needed
  • place opening chemical order (signs and chemicals additional expense)
  • set up all state required inspections (at associations expense)
  • *the pool does not get drained down

Deluxe Pool Opening

  • All of the "Standard Pool Opening" items plus:
  • Power wash pool or acid wash pool
  • Rinse, refill pool
  • Start-up system
  • Draining of pool

Pool & Spa Closing

  • Place cover over pool
  • dis-assemble pump, motor, filter, and heater
  • plug skimmers and return lines
  • treat pool water
  • blow out all lines in system
  • removal and storage of pool Signs

Winter Inspections

  • Nov-April (6 months) one visit per month to check all pool & spa equipment, sump pumps, covers, fencing and more. Post storm special visits are not included and are billed at current rates.

A number of our realty property management specialists are certified Pool Spa Operators, (CPO) who can handle all your pool service needs, including:

  • Daily vacuuming of the pool
  • State inspection follow up and coordination
  • Coordination of pool bonding
  • Pool supply inventory
  • Contract independent testing firm
  • Pool area custodial duties, cleaning around pool, straightening chairs, etc.
  • Pressure washing on start-up of season
  • Painting on start-up of season
  • Daily testing
  • Backwashing
  • Water Chemistry
Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday 8am-4pm. Saturday 10am-4pm. Closed on Sundays