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Cabrera Property Management launches NEW Violation Reporting Process!

Violation Reporting

To help community associations manage their rules and regulations and bylaws requirements, Cabrera Property Management has created the email (violation is not plural).

This email address is to be used to report a potential violation at the property. When completing the email, please include the name of the property, the unit number, description of the issue, location, and any photos.

When CPM receives the email notice, the following will occur:

  1. A copy will be forwarded to the Board so that they are aware. In some cases, the Board may need to act and consult with management. Depending on the details, the board could impose permitted fines.
  2. The details of the violation will be sent to the owner that may be in violation. This communication will be sent via email, text message and phone call from our automated system. It is expected that the owner will follow up and reply with the action taken.
  3. If no action is taken or communicated, the management company may need to go to the property to follow up if required. When that happens, the violating owner will be invoiced for management time. Minimum $60 per visit if during normal business hours. Otherwise, emergency rates may apply. If the expense is not paid within 30 days, the invoice will go to the association for payment and the association shall invoice the owner for same.

This new process has been put in place to help associations govern but also to reduce negative interactions between owners and board members. The management company will service, as best as possible, as the neutral party.

There are rules, regulations, and bylaws that must be followed for every one’s enjoyment of the common areas and units. We do not expect owners to abuse this by singling out any owner or their guests. We ask that you use good judgment when reporting any violations and to remain professional. Our office is not charging for this service. We have found that there is a need for this based on our experience.  Our office only charges if we must go to the property to address. Bottom line, owners if you receive notice, please address it urgently.

Lastly, we suggest all associations make their rules, regulations, and bylaws accessible included but not limited to their web site, around the property, in the units, in lease packets, and anywhere owners and guests will see.

We ask all owners to cooperate to make it easier on their volunteer board members and association owners. Please remember without law there is recklessness.
We are simply trying to help.


Don Cabrera, Owner

Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday 8am-4pm. Saturday 10am-4pm. Closed on Sundays